Venture project worth your attention
AQUIX company owns proprietary technologies that make it possible to produce natural energy drinks, create a healthy indoor atmosphere, clean emissions from industrial plants and process them into a product useful for the market, as well as generate water from the air at a very low cost. We have test reports, the technology has been audited by major state corporations.

LLC «AQUIX» invites you to take part in the development of a profitable business. Today 25% or 250 million shares are available for our partners. Company shares are grouped into investment portfolios. Every portfolio has its own cost and advantages. Acquiring the fourth portfolio with the same nominal the owner gets the privileges of the more expensive portfolio. Depending on the investment period the amount of the shares in the portfolios will gradually decrease.
Investment portfolios
Portfolios with fixed cost
Shares 3 084
$ 48
Buy portfolio
Shares 12 248
Benefit 3%
Discount 1%

$ 184
Buy portfolio
Shares 51 840
Benefit 9%
Discount 2%

$ 736
Buy portfolio
Shares 218 148
Benefit 15%
Discount 4%

$ 2944
Buy portfolio
Portfolios with installment
Installment «16»
Shares 4 008
Payments 6
Payment per month $16
$ 96
Buy portfolio
Installment «38»
Shares 13 848
Payments 8
Payment per month $38
$ 304
Buy portfolio
Installment «84»
Shares 40 048
Payments 10
Payment per month $84
$ 840
Buy portfolio
Installment «152»
Shares 90 848
Payments 12
Payment per month $152
$ 1824
Buy portfolio
Advantages of the project
Transparent company registered in jurisdiction with European law. The team of specialists and engineers who strive to one aim.
Production in high demand in the international market. Conducting negotiations with with strategic partners from Asia and Europe.
The Company has the elaborated theoretical and experimental foundation. The technologies survived critics by numerous commissions and specialists.
Dividend distribution to the company owners is made from gross revenues. The rising of the share cost is provided by intellectual property.
Profitability calculator
Step 1. Choose the method of calculation
By portfolio
By sum
Step 2. Choose the waiting period
2 years
4 years
6 years
Step 3. Choose the portfolio
Your return on the investment will be *
~ 77$
* Attention! The calculation of your profit is made on the base of the realistic script of attracting investments to the project, starting the production and selling the ready-made production through the company's commodity distribution programme. The underlying value of profitability is around 80% per annum.
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